1972- 1973
Season Sport Record Game Results Team Photo Head Coach Conference District State
1972-1973Baseball10-4 Ralph Kidd   
1972-1973Boys Basketball13-10 Terry German    
1972-1973Boys Cross Country6-5 Carmen Hagelgans    
1972-1973Boys Swimming and Diving3-6 Nick Nolfa    
1972-1973Boys Tennis9-4 Doug Bilheimer    
1972-1973Boys Track and Field11-1 Robert Miller   
1972-1973Field Hockey12-0-1 Millie (Birosik) Nemeth   
1972-1973Football9-1 Joe Gerencser   
1972-1973Girls Basketball9-3 Marcia Thomas    
1972-1973Girls Swimming and Diving3-6 Nick Nolfa    
1972-1973Golf4-5 Doug Lindenmuth    
1972-1973Softball3-10 Connie Turner    
1972-1973Wrestling7-4 William Young    
Total Record: 99-59-1 (0.626%) 13 sports 3 1 0