2001- 2002
Season Sport Record Game Results Head Coach Conference District State
2001-2002Baseball16-8Terry Stoudt    
2001-2002Boys Basketball25-1Rich Fatzinger   
2001-2002Boys Cross Country8-4Will Robertson    
2001-2002Boys Soccer17-2-3Dave Weitzman   
2001-2002Boys Swimming & Diving13-2Bob Clark  
2001-2002Boys Tennis11-4Scott Bowers    
2001-2002Boys Track and Field8-0Scott LeVan   
2001-2002Boys Volleyball7-11Scott Trumbauer    
2001-2002Field Hockey19-3-1---Anne Wenninger    
2001-2002Football7-4Rob Melosky    
2001-2002Girls Basketball16-10Patti Heffner    
2001-2002Girls Cross Country12-0Will Robertson   
2001-2002Girls Soccer21-5Chris Bleam  
2001-2002Girls Swimming & Diving15-1Bob Clark  
2001-2002Girls Tennis19-1Stacy Rowley  
2001-2002Girls Track and Field5-2Scott LeVan    
2001-2002Girls Volleyball12-8Tina Rauch    
2001-2002Golf12-1Jeff Bartman   
2001-2002Softball19-4Glen Ray   
2001-2002Wrestling9-6Jim Best    
Total Record: 280-83-4 (0.768%) 20 sports 10 4 0