District Champion
Season Sport Record Game Results Team Photo Head Coach Conference District State
2023-2024Boys Basketball26-6 Eddie Ohlson  
2023-2024Boys Cross Country15-1 Stephen Ott   
2023-2024Boys Swimming and Diving12-0 Allison McPeek  
2023-2024Boys Volleyball21-3 Scott Trumbauer  
2023-2024Girls Basketball29-3 Edward Ohlson  
2023-2024Girls Soccer24-1-1 Al Haddad  
2023-2024Girls Swimming and Diving11-1 Allison McPeek  
2023-2024Girls Tennis20-1 Michael Hingston  
2023-2024Girls Volleyball24-1 Mike Krause  
2023-2024Girls Wrestling3-0 Anthony Shave  
2022-2023Boys Basketball20-10 Andy Stephens   
2022-2023Boys Cross Country16-0 Stephen Ott  
2022-2023Boys Soccer24-2-1 Scott Mang  
2022-2023Boys Volleyball23-0 Scott Trumbauer
2022-2023Football9-5 Tim Moncman   
2022-2023Girls Soccer23-1 Al Haddad  
2022-2023Girls Swimming and Diving11-1 Allison McPeek  
2022-2023Girls Tennis17-1 Michael Hingston  
2022-2023Girls Volleyball24-1 Mike Krause  
2021-2022Boys Basketball21-8 Andy Stephens  
2021-2022Girls Basketball19-9 Edward Ohlson   
2021-2022Girls Soccer19-3-1 Al Haddad  
2021-2022Girls Swimming and Diving8-1 Robert Robitaille  
2021-2022Girls Tennis17-1 Michael Hingston  
2021-2022Girls Volleyball25-1 Mike Krause  
2020-2021Boys Cross Country5-0 Stephen Ott  
2020-2021Boys Tennis17-0 Michael Hingston  
2020-2021Boys Volleyball21-3 Scott Trumbauer   
2020-2021Girls Soccer14-1 Al Haddad   
2020-2021Girls Swimming and Diving11-0 Robert Robitaille  
2020-2021Girls Volleyball14-1 Mike Krause   
2019-2020Girls Tennis19-2 Michael Hingston   
2019-2020Girls Volleyball19-6 Mike Krause  
2018-2019Girls Lacrosse15-8 Dawn Cipolla  
2018-2019Girls Soccer23-3 Al Haddad  
2018-2019Girls Volleyball21-4 Mike Krause   
2018-2019Softball25-3 Barry Search  
2017-2018Boys Lacrosse20-4 Brad Schifko  
2017-2018Boys Soccer24-2 Patrick Birns  
2017-2018Football13-1 Tim Moncman  
2017-2018Girls Lacrosse19-6 Dawn Cipolla   
2017-2018Girls Soccer24-1 Al Haddad  
2017-2018Girls Swimming and Diving12-0 Robert Robitaille  
2017-2018Girls Volleyball19-5 Mike Krause   
2017-2018Softball24-4 Barry Search  
2016-2017Boys Cross Country17-0 Loretta Dodson  
2016-2017Boys Lacrosse20-3 Brad Schifko   
2016-2017Football10-4 Tim Moncman   
2016-2017Girls Lacrosse18-5 Dawn Cipolla  
2016-2017Girls Soccer25-1 Al Haddad  
2016-2017Girls Swimming and Diving11-1 Robert Robitaille   
2016-2017Girls Volleyball24-2 Mike Krause   
2015-2016Boys Basketball26-4 Andy Stephens  
2015-2016Boys Cross Country16-1 Loretta Dodson  
2015-2016Boys Tennis17-2 Michael Hingston  
2015-2016Boys Volleyball20-2 Scott Trumbauer  
2015-2016Football14-2 Jim Morgans  
2015-2016Girls Lacrosse17-6 Dawn Cipolla  
2015-2016Girls Soccer23-2 Al Haddad  
2015-2016Girls Swimming and Diving11-0 Robert Robitaille  
2015-2016Girls Volleyball26-0 Mike Krause
2015-2016Softball22-4 Barry Search  
2014-2015Baseball27-2 Tony Galucy  
2014-2015Boys Basketball28-2 Andy Stephens  
2014-2015Boys Volleyball24-0 Scott Trumbauer
2014-2015Football11-3 Jim Morgans   
2014-2015Girls Swimming and Diving13-0 Robert Robitaille  
2014-2015Girls Volleyball26-0 Mike Krause
2014-2015Softball29-1 Barry Search
2013-2014Baseball20-6 Tony Galucy  
2013-2014Boys Basketball22-6 Andy Stephens   
2013-2014Boys Soccer17-6 Patrick Birns  
2013-2014Boys Tennis15-1 Michael Hingston  
2013-2014Boys Volleyball18-3 Scott Trumbauer  
2013-2014Football12-2 Jim Morgans  
2013-2014Girls Basketball19-9 Wes Spence   
2013-2014Girls Cross Country11-0 Loretta Dodson  
2013-2014Girls Lacrosse18-4 John Seitzinger  
2013-2014Girls Swimming and Diving11-0 Robert Robitaille  
2013-2014Girls Tennis19-1 Michael Hingston  
2013-2014Softball25-1 Barry Search  
2012-2013Baseball22-4 Tony Galucy   
2012-2013Boys Basketball22-8 Andy Stephens   
2012-2013Boys Tennis16-2 Michael Hingston  
2012-2013Boys Wrestling19-5 Ryan Nunamaker   
2012-2013Football11-3 Jim Morgans  
2012-2013Girls Cross Country11-0 Loretta Dodson  
2012-2013Girls Soccer19-3-2 Al Haddad  
2012-2013Girls Swimming and Diving14-0 Robert Robitaille  
2012-2013Girls Tennis18-1 George Grim  
2012-2013Girls Volleyball24-1 Mike Krause  
2011-2012Boys Cross Country11-0 Loretta Dodson   
2011-2012Boys Tennis14-1 Julian Taibi  
2011-2012Girls Cross Country11-0 Loretta Dodson   
2011-2012Girls Swimming and Diving10-1-1 Robert Robitaille   
2011-2012Girls Tennis16-1 Paula Kaunitz  
2011-2012Girls Volleyball27-0 Mike Krause
2011-2012Golf13-1 John Mondschein  
2010-2011Girls Soccer16-6-1 Al Haddad   
2010-2011Girls Swimming and Diving13-1 Erik Posegay  
2010-2011Girls Volleyball24-2 Mike Krause  
2009-2010Boys Cross Country11-1 Loretta Dodson  
2009-2010Boys Tennis15-0 Julian Taibi  
2009-2010Boys Wrestling24-3 Ryan Nunamaker   
2009-2010Girls Swimming and Diving14-1 Erik Posegay   
2009-2010Golf13-0 Jeff Bartman  
2008-2009Baseball21-7 Tony Galucy  
2008-2009Boys Basketball26-4 Andy Stephens   
2008-2009Boys Soccer15-5-2 Chris Bleam   
2008-2009Girls Swimming and Diving12-1 Erik Posegay  
2008-2009Girls Tennis18-1 Paula Kaunitz  
2008-2009Golf12-2 Jeff Bartman  
2007-2008Boys Soccer17-8 Chris Bleam   
2007-2008Boys Tennis17-2 Art Smith  
2007-2008Boys Volleyball19-5 Scott Trumbauer   
2007-2008Football15-1 Jim Morgans  
2007-2008Girls Tennis16-1 Paula Kaunitz  
2006-2007Boys Cross Country12-0 Loretta Dodson  
2006-2007Boys Swimming and Diving11-2 Erik Posegay   
2006-2007Boys Tennis17-2 Art Smith  
2006-2007Girls Basketball28-3 Patti Heffner   
2006-2007Girls Swimming and Diving13-0 Erik Posegay  
2006-2007Golf13-1 Jeff Bartman  
2005-2006Boys Cross Country12-0 Loretta Dodson  
2005-2006Boys Tennis17-1 Art Smith  
2005-2006Girls Swimming and Diving13-0 Erik Posegay
2004-2005Boys Tennis16-2 Art Smith  
2004-2005Girls Basketball28-4 Patti Heffner   
2004-2005Girls Swimming and Diving12-2 Aaron Glancy   
2004-2005Softball25-1 Glen Ray  
2003-2004Boys Soccer21-3-1 Chris Bleam  
2003-2004Boys Swimming and Diving15-0 Bob Clark  
2003-2004Girls Soccer21-3-2 Jamie Giaquinto   
2003-2004Girls Swimming and Diving15-1 Bob Clark   
2003-2004Softball24-4 Glen Ray  
2002-2003Baseball22-4 Tony Galucy   
2002-2003Boys Basketball22-8 Rich Fatzinger   
2002-2003Boys Cross Country12-0 Loretta Dodson  
2002-2003Boys Soccer24-1 Chris Bleam  
2002-2003Boys Swimming and Diving11-1 Bob Clark  
2002-2003Boys Volleyball18-9 Scott Trumbauer   
2002-2003Football14-1 Rob Melosky
2002-2003Girls Cross Country11-1 Loretta Dodson  
2002-2003Girls Soccer21-4-1 Jamie Giaquinto   
2002-2003Girls Swimming and Diving13-0 Bob Clark
2001-2002Boys Swimming and Diving13-2 Bob Clark  
2001-2002Girls Soccer21-5 Chris Bleam  
2001-2002Girls Swimming and Diving15-1 Bob Clark  
2001-2002Girls Tennis19-1 Stacy Rowley  
2000-2001Boys Basketball27-3 Rich Fatzinger  
2000-2001Boys Swimming and Diving11-2 Bob Clark   
2000-2001Girls Cross Country12-0 Will Robertson
2000-2001Girls Swimming and Diving13-0-1 Bob Clark
2000-2001Girls Tennis16-2 Burke Griffith  
1999-2000Boys Basketball19-10 Rich Fatzinger   
1999-2000Boys Soccer20-5 Chris Bleam  
1999-2000Boys Swimming and Diving12-1 Bob Clark  
1999-2000Boys Volleyball15-2 Jim Hauser  
1999-2000Girls Soccer22-1-2 Chris Bleam  
1999-2000Girls Swimming and Diving13-1 Bob Clark  
1998-1999Boys Soccer25-2 Chris Bleam  
1998-1999Boys Swimming and Diving12-2-1 Bob Clark   
1998-1999Boys Tennis18-0 Scott Bowers  
1998-1999Football11-3 Rich Sniscak  
1998-1999Girls Soccer25-1-1 Chris Bleam  
1998-1999Girls Tennis18-0 Scott Bowers  
1998-1999Softball18-4 Glen Ray  
1997-1998Boys Soccer21-5 Chris Bleam   
1997-1998Boys Swimming and Diving12-1 Bob Clark  
1997-1998Girls Tennis18-0 Scott Bowers  
1997-1998Softball25-1 Glen Ray
1996-1997Boys Swimming and Diving13-1 Bob Clark  
1996-1997Boys Volleyball21-4 Will Robertson  
1996-1997Football13-1 Rich Sniscak  
1996-1997Girls Swimming and Diving14-1 Bob Clark  
1995-1996Boys Volleyball22-3 Will Robertson  
1995-1996Girls Soccer20-4-1 Chris Bleam   
1994-1995Boys Volleyball18-5 Will Robertson  
1994-1995Girls Soccer18-5-1 Chris Bleam   
1994-1995Softball26-2 Glen Ray
1993-1994Girls Swimming and Diving11-1 Bob Clark   
1993-1994Softball22-4 Glen Ray  
1992-1993Boys Swimming and Diving10-2-1 Bob Clark   
1992-1993Girls Swimming and Diving14-0 Bob Clark  
1991-1992Baseball19-4 Dan Waelchli  
1991-1992Boys Swimming and Diving10-4 Bob Clark   
1991-1992Girls Swimming and Diving14-1 Bob Clark   
1990-1991Girls Swimming and Diving11-1 Bob Clark   
1984-1985Boys Cross Country18-4 Carmen Hagelgans   
1983-1984Softball26-2 Dennis Barr  
1982-1983Softball25-3 Dennis Barr  
1981-1982Softball26-4 Dennis Barr  
1980-1981Softball23-4 Dennis Barr  
1977-1978Boys Basketball20-9 Bob Greacen  
1974-1975Softball15-1 Marcia Thomas  
1973-1974Baseball13-2 Ralph Kidd  
1973-1974Field Hockey12-0 Millie (Birosik) Nemeth  
1972-1973Field Hockey12-0-1 Millie (Birosik) Nemeth   
1964-1965Boys Swimming and Diving7-2 Bill Collins   
1963-1964Boys Track and Field8-0 Bill Lohman  
1962-1963Boys Track and Field8-0 George Eichnor  
1951-1952Boys Track and Field0-0 Aral Henninger   
Total Record: 3,519-470-22 (0.880%) 145 202 14